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Exterior Preparation
Power Wash
Power Washing is the most important step when painting your home. Power washing will remove mildew and clean the surface of your home which ensures a high-quality, long lasting paint job. Every home I paint is power washed anywhere from three to fourteen days prior to painting.
Prep Work (Caulking and Scraping)
Caulking of all cracks is done for appearance and also for efficient fuel use. It will cost less to heat and cool your home as a direct result from caulking. Caulking seals the wood so no moisture can penetrate. Because the wood is sealed your paint will have more longevity.
All peeling paint is thoroughly scrapped and then the edges are hand sanded.
After the loose paint is scraped and sanded we seal it with a primer. Primer is not typically used on the entire house. It is used on bare wood, rusted nails and sanded surfaces.
Painting Your Home
After we have prepped your home, we begin the painting process. This is done with the best quality paint supplied by our contractor, Sherwin-Williams. Using the best paint is more expensive, but it is easier to work with, has more longevity, and has a better looking finish.
Typically our workday starts at 8:00 am and ends at 6:00 pm. Every area is secured with drop cloths during painting. At the end of the day, ladders are neatly stacked and locked at a discrete location behind your home.
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